On Wheels?

The foundation of any house is going to be one of the most important parts. What you use depends on the end use of the house and what you are designing it for.

For me, I think I will be going with a tiny house on wheels. Because I don’t have land to build on, this gives me the flexibility to move the house to anywhere I need to be in the future. If I decide to buy some land, I can easily park my tiny home on it.

For the trailer itself, there seem to be two main routes people take. Some people will find a used trailer that’s about the right size and use it as is or modify it a bit before using it. Others will get a new trailer specifically designed for tiny homes,

In my opinion, a trailer specifically designed for a tiny home is the better bet. I wouldn’t want to find any issues with the trailer or deal with any damage after I’ve gone through all the effort to build my home. It just seems like a huge hassle for something that a little bit of money up front can help with. The extra money in the foundation of my home will be well spent knowing that there will be fewer issues down the road.

We’ll see what sort of deals can be managed when it comes time to actually pulling the trigger, but for my plans right now, this is the way to go.



Hello internet,

I started this blog to have a place to figure out some of the things I’d like to design into a tiny house to live comfortably in Canada. It seems like there are a lot of resources for Americans, but as usual, Canada has a few unique challenges (it gets cold, for instance) that aren’t addressed.

My plan is to design and build my own tiny house to live in full time. I’m pretty early in the planning stage and will be making decisions about all aspects of my tiny home in the coming months. Once everything is planned out, I’ll post the usual progress pictures, but that’s going to be a ways out still. In the mean time, I’ll see about finding some inspiration pictures so everyone can see what I have in mind. Hopefully everything goes well!

Figuring out tiny houses in Canada